The following models are the four models that make up the Prison. The models also include two of the original buildings from 1809, and one of the cell block cupola that has been destroyed.

While modeling these buildings, the team used historical documents, Sanborn maps, and historical photos to maintain accuracy. Modern photos and satellite photos were also used in order to acquire correct dimensions and footprints.


Warden House

The Warden House and Cell Blocks are actually connected, but for the purpose of 3D printing and division of tasks, the buildings were separated during the modeling process. If you would like to see the prison complex together, see the satellite photo and model below.

Warden House Model Warden House ISO

Cell Blocks

cellblocks1 cellblocks2





Original Prison

1800prison2 1800prison1State Prison around 1820

Cell Block Cupola

This cupola no longer exists, but was modeled using photos like the one below and diagrams of building footprints.

prison yard

Overview Look

This photo shows the modern layout of the complex, the top buildings are the Warden house and Cell Blocks, the building in the bottom left is the Chapel, and the building in the bottom right is the Shoe Factory.